Report by Charlie Steele

President Charlie invited his old club to a challenge match at Ayr Ice Rink. Lanark Curling Club turned up with two strong rinks, skipped by Bill Jackson and Anne Hood.

Charlie’s rink of John McLeod, Alex Thomson and Hazel Steele played a tidy game, managing to stay ahead and won by 6 shots to 4.    Alistair Tyre’s rink of Alan McKinlay, Maureen McVey and Pat McLeod went down by 7 shots to 3

A few Lanark curlers stayed the night at Coila - strong drink was required to cheer them up!

Tea and sandwiches were followed by some interesting stories and excuses. Tom Steele, their non-playing captain (and Charlie’s brother) claimed he could not play for medical reasons, but the rest of us knew he was scared of losing.

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