Ice blamed again!

Report by Charlie Steele

"Surely not - you think David Gray has won?"

As is now par for the course, all participants said they enjoyed themsleves (well, except Geoff – points not disclosed) but that the ice was very poor. It certainly was difficult, with a run back on the in-turn coming towards the bar, and similarly on the out-turn going the other way. This has been the case for some weeks now, but when you don’t have someone holding the brush, it seems much more difficult.
David Gray mastered the conditions best and ran out an easy winner.
Thanks to Alistair Tyre for organising it all, and to Graham Boyd and Ed Baines for scoring.

The top scores were:

David Gray 29
David Scott 24
Neil Beattie 24
Ronnie Wilson 22
Peter Reynolds 21
Charlie Steele 20

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