Great fun at Stranraer

Report by Shirley Scott

Fourteen members of Ayr and Alloway Curling Club and two guests had two nights at the North West Castle Hotel, a sherry party and wine on the first night’s dinner.

It's definitely that one!


Neil Beattie produced two light hearted curling games for the two Thursday sessions, and David Scott one for the Friday morning.




Sandy ejoys a cuppa



Neil had us first striking the stones out , in a game called Skittles. This was won be Geoff Barber, David Scott, Pat McLeod, and Jeremy Andrews.



Elma takes charge

In the afternoon we had to draw to the pot-lid, this was won by Peter Kennedy, Ema Stevenson, Heather Gray and Neil Beattie.




Not only can he sweep, he can pot the balls too

The following morning all players had to change positions after each end , this caused some muddled thinking but everyone enjoyed the game. The winners being John McLeod, David Scott, and Rosie Andrews.
After lunch we all departed back home to find that the weather had been terrible and that we  had been in the  best place for the last two days.

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