First Round 10th January v Dundonald.

Skip Edward Baines,3rd Alex Thompson, 2nd David Scott,Lead Alan McKinlay

We won the toss and lost 1st,2nd and 3rd ends by 2 points each then got a single at 4th. We lost the 5th coincidentally by 5. The score was then 11-1 So I shook hands!! There was no way we could come back and catch up 10 points, as they had adequately demonstrated an ability to remove any of our Stones from wherever we put them in the head. The ice was challenging with one side playing negative in both directions. The Jacks ,Gemmell at Skip, Father at Lead and John Davers,3rd, were much better at judging, playing and sweeping than we, and I did not appear to be able to get either my line or weight right Report by Eddie Baines


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