Province Medal 17 Jan 2012

Ayr & Alloway won this competition in 2009, the first time in their history. There are always some very good rinks taking part, with the winner being decided by the aggregate score of the two rinks from each club. Charlie Steele skiped Rink 1,with Alan McKinlay,...

RCCC Rink Championship 2012

First Round 10th January v Dundonald. Skip Edward Baines,3rd Alex Thompson, 2nd David Scott,Lead Alan McKinlay We won the toss and lost 1st,2nd and 3rd ends by 2 points each then got a single at 4th. We lost the 5th coincidentally by 5. The score was then 11-1 So I...

Ross Low

Three Rinks Skips P Kennedy v Stair 5-10.  G Barber v Dundonald 4- 8. G Boyd v Tarbolton  8-7  Well contested but no semi final  this year. report by Graham Boyd

Eglinton Jug

Improving-Step by Step A + A 1  Skip: Graham Boyd, 3 Neil Beattie, 2 John McLeod, Lead Ken Gray. Round 1 Graham and his rink were drawn with a bye. Round 2 met Riccarton 2   which they won comfortably       9-3 Round 3 met Stewarton Heather 2 despite playing well lost...

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